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Historic building for our HQ

“Pigeons evicted as care company comes home to roost”

When we decided to set up a new company to provide homecare in and around Kendal we were determined to have a property with a central location. This was easier said than done. Then the opportunity arose to buy 18 Highgate. The building being in a poor state of repair it seemed too much for a fledgling company.

However we were inspired by the idea that a new company would be anchored firmly in Kendal by occupying and renovating an old building. It also means the building will be cared for by a local company rather than a London based investment institution.

So we have taken the plunge. It is not clear just how old the building is but probably late seventeenth century. Originally part of the neighbouring Fleece Inn it would have been used for beer storage and other ancillary uses.

Probably sometime in the nineteenth century it was separated from the inn and used by John Meldrum as a flower and garden shop and later taken over by Clarence Webb & Co, a company that still exists in Kendal. After it was sold it had a number of uses, latterly by Slot Casinos. It has been empty for about six years.

Our initial objective is to make sure the building is usable for our business. As always with an old building once you start repairs you always find more problems. It is now watertight with a new front and ground floor. For the future we are examining how the first floor will be repaired. This will require a new staircase towards the front of the building. We are working closely with the conservation officer to ensure the end result meets modern needs without detracting from the historic nature of the building. We look forward to bringing a historic building back to life right in the heart of the community.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.