PARAMEDICS and winter-ready 4x4s helped ensure home carers reached their elderly clients in last week’s heavy snow.

The Ambleside-based Event Safety Group teamed up with Westmorland Homecare, of Kendal, to make sure elderly people in rural and farm communities did not go without essential visits from their carers.

“Our contingency plans are working well in the severe weather,” said Dr Joshua Macaulay, director of operations at Westmorland Homecare, “and teaming up with Event Safety Group has meant we can still deliver care to patients in the community even in hard-to-reach areas. Hypothermia is a killer, especially in the elderly, and having 4x4s and paramedics has meant we can keep all our patients safe and warm.”

Nick Wright, director of Event Safety Group, said: “It is something a little different for our medics and 4x4s but it’s great to use our capabilities to support these carers as part of their resilience plan.” The company provides healthcare at outdoor sport events throughout the UK.

If you need help in the wintry season, call Dr Macaulay on 01539-725107 or email