Because being alone need never be an option.

A service that enables family to live independently in their own home, we know there are many people that can be very isolated and, for some, the knowledge that there is someone around every day can help the prevent isolation and loneliness.

Companionship can be both in and out of the house, it can be helping with weekly shopping, Doctors appointments or enabling you or your loved ones to attend social events.

Westmorland Homecare’s staff are there for you to support you and your family in what every way we can.

Trips and outings

Don’t let mobility stop you getting out and about to cafes, garden centres, restaurants or picnics.

Escorting to appointments

Need to go to the doctors, dentist or even to the shops? Escorting you will be our pleasure.

Conversation and reminiscing

Talking helps to relieve stress and laughter brings wellness. Share stories with people that love to listen.

Crafts and creating

Let us help you enjoy your creative pursuits, we might even create a masterpiece!

Help with hobbies and interests

Knitting, walking, reading, dancing or gardening whatever your passion we can help keep you going.

Art, history and culture tours

Want to see new things and meet like minded people? Try one of our specialist tours.

Accompanied friends and family visits

Want to see family and friends? We can help get you there and stay comfortable.

Staying Active

From aerobics to Yoga, we can assist you in doing the sports and activities you love.

Would you like to know more about our
Companionship services?

Please do get in touch with Westmorland Homecare if you would like to find out more about the companionship services we can offer for you, a member of your family or someone you care for.

We’re happy to have a no-obligation and completely confidential conversation, or even come and visit you to discuss in more detail in your own home.

  • “Westmorland Homecare are superb. All staff are exceptionally kind and do anything I ask them to."

    "They do spend a lot of time with me and don’t rush off - I wish we had found them sooner.”

  • “Westmorland Homecare employ exceptionally high-quality staff, some have degrees and others are just very caring and professional."

    “Westmorland Homecare have made such a huge difference to our lives.”

  • “Westmorland Homecare were incredible. The carers were remarkable and every single one treated with respect, compassion and dignity."

    “Nothing is too big or small, they are willing to help and be flexible.”