Not just good, in Kendal and the South Lakes we’re providers of outstanding care.

The Westmorland Homecare branch in Kendal & the South Lakes is one of only 10 home care services in the UK to be rated Outstanding in every area by our independent regulators, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

In their findings, they state: “People and relatives were extremely positive about the caring nature of staff and the responsiveness and reliability of the service. Everyone we spoke to, without exception, told us how the service excelled in delivering a service that met their needs.”

One person told us: “They are passionate about giving great service and being the best carers. It’s the whole package, they do everything right.”

Is this service safe? : OUTSTANDING

The Westmorland Homecare service in Kendal & the South Lakes was exceptionally safe. People were supported to live independently whist staying safe through positive risk-taking. Staff were highly skilled in supporting people to manage and reduce their own risks.

Staff had received comprehensive and innovative training in safeguarding issues and people told us they felt very safe with the support of the staff.

Highly effective management systems were in place to make sure the service was reliable and to monitor accidents, incidents and in responding to emergencies.

Is this service effective? : OUTSTANDING

The service was extremely effective. Staff recruitment was rigorous and thorough which meant only staff with the right aptitude and skills were employed by the agency.

People were supported by staff who were extremely well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable.

Prevention and promotion of health and well-being was central to the work of the agency. The agency worked pro-actively with other organisations in promoting people’s well-being and health.

Is this service caring? : OUTSTANDING

In Kendal and South Lakeland, the Westmorland Homecare service was outstandingly caring. People who used the service were wholly positive and expressed a high degree of satisfaction with their care and compassion shown by the agency staff.

Respect for people and a desire to promote ‘kindness’ was at the heart of the service’s culture and values.

Staff displayed great empathy and worked with people and their relatives to understand how to best support them and promote their independence.

Is this service responsive? : OUTSTANDING

The Westmorland Homecare service was exceptionally responsive. The service was exceedingly flexible and responsive to people’s individual needs and preferences.

People were actively encouraged to give their views and raise concerns or complaints. These were used to improve the service.

The care of people at the end stages of life was exemplary. People and their relatives were supported to develop end of life plans and to ensure their wishes were followed.

Is this service well-led? : OUTSTANDING

The Westmorland Homecare service was exceptionally well-led. People and their relatives were consistently positive about the service and how it had made a difference to their lives.

There was a strong emphasis on continually striving to improve. Checks were carried out to monitor the quality and safety of the service to make sure people were receiving excellent outcomes.

The senior team were highly motivated and demonstrated a clear commitment to providing dignified and compassionate care and support based on proven best practice.

Westmorland Homecare CQC Report

What makes Westmorland Homecare in Kendal & the South Lakes an outstanding service provider? You can download and read the CQC report in full by clicking on the image below:

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What makes an outstanding home care service?

How better to explain than to let just a few of the people who use our services speak for themselves – this is what they told the CQC inspectors, which were included in the report:

“They employ exceptionally high-quality staff, some have degrees and others are just very caring and professional.”

“They are superb. All staff are exceptionally kind and do anything I ask them to. I wish we had found them sooner.”

“Nothing is too big or small, they are willing to help and be flexible.”

“They do spend a lot of time with me. They don’t just rush off.”

“Westmorland Homecare were incredible. The carers were remarkable and every single one treated me with respect, compassion and dignity.”

“Westmorland Homecare have made such a huge difference to our lives.”

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