The Westmorland Homecare Story

Westmorland Homecare was founded by Dr Josh Macaulay and Dr Chris Moss with co-director Russell Crossley. They had experience of caring for people in their NHS roles as an A&E doctor and anaesthetist, as well as family experience, but wanted to help people more than just whilst in hospital.

Going into hospital can be a scary experience for anyone and the feeling of getting back home is like no other. As they say, there’s no place like home.

All three frequently saw people coming into hospital after having poor care at home and, conversely, also saw people who couldn’t return to their own homes because the right support wasn’t available for them.

This was when Westmorland Homecare was born.

“We believe that no longer should people be forced into care homes and nursing homes, no longer should people suffer ill health and poor quality of life”. says Chris.

“Every individual should be free to remain in their home as long as they wish, they should be able to be as active and independent as ever before and should continue to have rich and fulfilling lives.”

That is the Westmorland Homecare mission and something we are dedicated to delivering every day.


Being part of the community.

The directors and team at Westmorland Homecare strive to be the home-care provider of choice across the communities of the South Lakes, the Fylde coast and Wyre district.

We operate by changing lives, promoting wellbeing and delivering excellence at every opportunity.

Westmorland Homecare will always provide the service which is right for each individual, their personal circumstances and requirements.

Our operations in Kendal and South Lakeland have twice been awarded Outstanding status by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for being Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and a Well-led organisation. This recognition by the CQC is something we consider to be the benchmark, and a standard below which we are committed to never fall below. Our ambition is to be the very best care provider it is possible to be and by having a well-resourced, well-staffed organisation embedded within the communities we serve we can deliver the absolutely best service possible.


We are Kind.

At Westmorland Homecare, we like to do things a little differently and approach challenges and new ideas with open arms, always looking to improve our service wherever we can.

By pioneering fresh approaches to home-care in the communities we serve, we believe that we can raise standards and establish new benchmarks in the care sector. Our staff regularly go the extra mile to look after clients and bring a smile to their face.


We are Innovative.

We treat all our clients as individuals. each client has specific needs and requirements for the support they receive from Westmorland Homecare. This diversity affords us the opportunity to continually learn from our clients, to better refine our services and, in turn, deliver a higher standard of care.

Being open to innovation, wherever it originates, means we will always be ready to embrace and implement new best practices when the time and situation is right.


We are Trustworthy

We build bespoke teams around each client and ensure that each home care assistant understands the needs of their clients before working with them.

To be trusted by our clients is a real honour and everyday we strive to build a trusting relationship and assist our clients to live their lives in the way in which they so desire.


We help Enrich lives

Westmorland Homecare reinforce the idea that living life to the full is so important and that with support from home care assistants’ people who never imagined they could get back into their community or meet people who truly care, actually can.

We pride ourselves on being a provider who really takes the time to understand the needs of our clients and therefore provides a service that is totally unique and bespoke to each client


Meet the people behind Westmorland Homecare.

We founded Westmorland Homecare on traditional values and are passionate about providing the highest quality personal care. We have made it our mission to improve the lives of people in our community, both clients and staff, by creating something really special.

Our home care services extend across the whole of the South Lakes, Poulton-le-Fylde and the west Lancashire coast, Lancaster, Morecambe and the surrounding rural areas.

Whatever the personal home care requirements of yourself, a relative, friend or someone you care for, please get in touch with your local Westmorland Homecare office and we’d be delighted to help.

Dr Josh Macaulay and Dr Chris Moss


Dr Joshua Macaulay



Dr Chris Moss


Russell Crossley, Westmorland Homecare in Poulton-le-Fylde

Russell Crossley Bio


  • “Westmorland Homecare are superb. All staff are exceptionally kind and do anything I ask them to."

    "They do spend a lot of time with me and don’t rush off - I wish we had found them sooner.”

  • “Westmorland Homecare employ exceptionally high-quality staff, some have degrees and others are just very caring and professional."

    “Westmorland Homecare have made such a huge difference to our lives.”

  • “Westmorland Homecare were incredible. The carers were remarkable and every single one treated with respect, compassion and dignity."

    “Nothing is too big or small, they are willing to help and be flexible.”